The Adam Craig Interview


SSIT: First of all congratulations on your victory at SSCXWC in Philly, this makes two SSWC tattoos for you! You have won national championships, raced World Cups in XC, represented the United States in the Olympics, and seem to dominate in any event you participate in! Did you see this as your future when you were a kid?
ADAM: I love it when a plan comes together.  And by plan I mean just being a kid riding bikes who grew into someone who gets to do it for a living.  I certainly didn’t have this plan as a kid, I wanted to be a motocross racer, then a ski racer, then a realized I loved riding bikes and seemed to be good at it…  

adam4SSIT: Not only do you race bicycles but you ski, kayak, snowmobiling,do rally car racing, and moto cross, am I missing anything else? It’s awesome to see a pro cyclist having so many diverse passions, do you think this has helped you in your career as a cyclist?
ADAM: Having a lot of sporting interests has helped prolong my career by keeping me fresh mentally and balanced physically.  Doing all of these things gives me time away from the bike to recharge and come back stronger.  And I apply a lot of the skills, really, they’re all the same foundation, left and right turns, ups and downs…

adam7SSIT: You have been know to throw single speed racing in the mix as well, winning most events you enter in! Do you ride single speed  as apart of your normal riding?
ADAM:I’m going to stick my neck out here and say I’ve got more Singlespeed heritage than the average contestant at any SS event.  I got a Surly 1×1 in 2000 and realized it was the best bike for riding in the woods of Maine, so that’s what I rode, all the time.  From then on, basically whenever I’m at home, now in Oregon, I ride SS at least half the time.  It’s easy.  It’s hard.  It’s simple.  It’s fun.  And it doesn’t require fiddling with bike bits.  Inflate, lube, ride.  And learn something every time.

SSIT: How does the feeling at the start line differ from a SS race to a normal XC race? ADAM:Having a whisky flask on the start line gives it a little bit of a different feel…


SSIT: Love your get ups for Single Speed races, my personal favorites have been the 2007 Worlds and 2012 CX Worlds. What kind of thought do you put into these outfits? You don’t have a stylist do you?
ADAM: I’d like to say I crowd-fund my attire.  Last year’s Mad Max was courtesy of my local costume king, Rob Landauer.  This year it was too cold for the pre-ink I had planned, so blagged some Pirate bounty off Coley from Boston.  It always comes together.  But next year might be all business…

SSIT: Why is the cut-off denim restricted to SS racing? Will we ever see Daisy Dukes on a World Cup podium?
ADAM: Oh man, that makes me want to use mystery Enduro fitness to climb up on one at Mt. St. Anne again someday…  Dropper post, 50mm stem, and jorts.  Dialed. But, no, that’s never, ever going to happen.  I almost got fired from Rabobank for riding a SS with normal respectful baggies at the Windham World Cup last summer…

adam1SSIT: You’ve ridden all over the world, any places that stand out in particular, any favorites?
ADAM:Secret spot, Coastal Maine.  All-time.  Thanks for the work, Sparky.

SSIT: Final thoughts or any shoutouts?
ADAM: Shout out to the SSCXWC13Philly!! crew for showing us such a perfectly good time.  Really good to see Matthew Slaven and Danni Dance’s vision jump coasts and continue growing.  Those guys are ace and the roving band of jerkoffs is consistently making them more and more proud.  Oh, and I’m glad Wallrod was already at The Gold Room when we rolled in Sunday night, keeping the Origonal PDX Gangsters on top, where they belong.

SSIT: Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. We’ve got a great SSCX event out here in Europe on January 6th called Rockville ( video about it here We’d love it if you could make it out some time! Thanks again and good luck with all your up coming events!§
ADAM:  I’ll pencil it in, as I do love me some Italy, and winter is the best time I think…  See you around next summer or fall I hope. Cheers.

Words: The Sac and Adam Craig   Pictures: Dylan VanWeelden



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