Milano HighwayCross

Photo Cred: Emanuele Barbaro

People were slipping and sliding, falling on their hips, and shedding blood all before the race started. Getting into the bottom of the skateparks ramps was hard enough, everyone was wondering how they were going to get out! Any rider who found themselves in the wet skatepark on this freezing morning in Milano already knew that Italian Single Speed events are always done with this flair and had expected nothing less.  When the start came riders climbed out of the bowl, sliding and falling just as they had to get in, and ran on foot to their bikes to race on.

Emanuele Barbaro
Photo Cred: Emanuele Barbaro

The Milano HighwayCross took place on Sunday, December 15th at the beautiful Parco Lambro. The park provided perfect cyclocross terrain with huge grassy lawns, hills, and fast gravel sections. Riders where forced to shoulder their bikes to climb a huge stair case before taking a sharp steep descent with challenging turns.  In another section a short steep up at the bottom of a hill provided a jump for some while others decided to keep the rubber side down. Without a doubt BMX Pro, Federico Ventura, was the champion of this small kicker, riding with style throughout the whole race.

Fede Ma Mo
Photo Cred: Ma Mo

Fallen down trees provided natural barriers, some proving to higher and harder than others.

Photo Cred: Emanuele Barbaro

The race began with a group of seven riders up front, this group stayed largely together for the first 2 laps until riders were slowly dropped from the leading pack. In the last 10 minutes the lead group had been reduced to three riders, in the last lap the three was reduced to two riders who battled until the end. Paolo Bravini proved to be the champion and took the win with a powerful sprint.

Paolo Emanuele Barbaro
Photo Cred: Emanuele Barbaro.

In the womens category Elena Martinello continued to dominate over the competiton and took another win. This is Martinello’s third win in the series!

Elena Martinello Giovanni Drago
Photo Cred: Giovanni Drago

Another great Sunday of cyclocross racing in Italy, congratulations to the winners and see you all again at Rockville. Don’t forget that registration is now open here at SingleSpeed Italy!

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